Why use comics and cartoons for marketing?

The true differentiating power of comics is the integration of visual and words. We have found you truly need both visuals and text to get the best marketing content.

The biggest wins with comics come when you have deep respect for the message you’re sharing and the comic medium itelf. That means using the key elements of the comic form character, story, compelling visuals – to produce something that customers actually want to read.


Bring your stories to comics

If you’ve got a compelling story involving your brand that features your customer as the hero, uses drama, and is based on the real world, then you have the formula for a good comic; a few panels on a web page or a strip to illustrate a case study and a good way to share information that is valuable to readers and that can help them make better decisions.

Our team of illustrators and designers devote their talent to create the most captivating stories and bring your brand to life; giving it a voice and a persona through the means of a logo, icon or mascot. Read our Tuzki case study to witness first hand our artisans' work at their best.