Wechat Game of Briochin


Founded in 1919 as “Le Briochin”, Jacques Briochin is a quality French brand providing well-made products that continue the fine traditions of French house-hold products and preserving the knowledge that makes these extraordinary goods possible.


Briochin proudly continues to strive to deliver the best products in the purest French soap-making tradition, while continuing to expand our range to exceed the highest expectations of our modern customers.


To expand and manage the Briochin fanbase as effectively as possible

Our Strategy

Briochin’s WeChat and Weibo accounts were not well managed. Then Duhno took over management of Briochin’s official accounts.


We created an exciting new game called Memory Competition (记忆力大比拼 In Chinese) to better engage with those already attracted to Briochin and gain even more fans! To play, users must follow Briochin’s social media accounts – creating an incentive to engage with Briochin. Even better, high-grade players can win a prize from Briochin, giving users a great reason to keep playing and engaging!


During Christmas 2018, we created H5 game to engage with audiences.