Website design & development

website design and development

Whats involved in website design & development?

  • User experience design
  • Copywritten content
  • Typography
  • Responsive web design
  • Quality code

The general flow we used to create

Our design process is adaptive and responsive, just like our websites

Research: we will chat with you to see what are your needs and expectations.

Define: Next we define the website goals, purpose, target audience, style and content.

Design and Develop: The fun part! We get to work laying out the design and start development. Following web and SEO standards while throwing in a good bit optimisation.

Test: We finalise styling for individual mobile, laptop and estop screen sizes, as well as different browsers.

Launch: launch time! Time to see the fruits of our labour. Your website goes live and everyone tells you how cool it is.

Maintain: But wait. There’s more. To keep your website shining we need to do regular updates and add fresh content.