- Lisa Li

Country Head of TURNER CHINA

Duhno is an extremely effective team for both strategy and execution. They have a good grip of the market and they can effortlessly translate a brand’s message through Character Branding that audiences can relate to. Duhno have made a great contribution to boosting our in-China marketing initiatives.






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How inefficient content is costing you? Are you suffering from poor website lead generation? Why do you fail to retain your readers attention? Why do you fail to identify who is your customer and how to target them? Why is your overall brand image weak? 

A lack of quality content and a wrong or nonexistent transmedia and content strategy may already be costing you more than you think. 

Your greatest source of revenue lies in the nurturing of your leads and in the nurturing of your current customers. At duhno, we provide a different way to market. Our promise to you is that we will craft engaging and quality content. We will disseminate that content to produce optimal leads. While applying the best branding techniques we will help you take your company and brand image to success.

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