Tuzki Story by Comics

The goal: Get more fans for the Tuzki page

Comics Topic: Bicycle Sharing

April 2017 


Our solution:

It was Spring 2017 and bicycle sharing was just heating up! How exciting! But let’s put the breaks on – there were problems, too. Not everyone knew how to do it properly.
Clever Emily spotted that this hot-button issue would make a terrific subject for a Tuzki comic that people would like and share! Feelings were running high, so people would definitely want to educate others about the issue and how to fix it. Tuzki to the rescue!
The Tuzki comic was a big hit – audiences really cared about fixing the issues caused by badly done bicycle sharing. This means the comic got plenty of views and likes. Even better, it built a connection with online readers, meaning they’d be likely to take an interest in future Tuzki content. Success!



The goal: Grow the number of fans of the Tuzki page

Comics Topic: Mobile Phone Addicts

When:  May 2017

Our solution:

We know audiences value content that sheds light on important issues. When we write content that resonates, they’re much more likely to engage with it.
Many people are worried about mobile phone addiction and take an interest in it. We decided to let Tuzki – our cool rabbit friend – tackle this important issue. We decided it would be a great, positive step to let Tuzki express the feelings of the audience.
Once again, audiences loved to see Tuzki and his friends handling an important issue that affects them in everyday life. The colourful, exciting comic captured the audience’s feelings wonderfully. In return, they viewed, liked, and shared it with friends.


The goal: Expand the Tuzki page fandom.

Comics Topic: AR Game

When:  May 2018

Our solution:

As with our previous comics, we knew audiences cared about hot issues affecting society, especially those related to technology. This time round, Tuzki stepped out to deal with the chaos that ensues when VR gaming gets a little too enthusiastic. Nobody likes broken windows and smashed vases!
On this occasion, we brought in our media buying all-star pro Amber at the request of the client to increase views even further. As a result of Amber’s hard work with the rest of the team – especially Emily and Zovi – views more than tripled compared to the mobile phone addiction comic! Impressive.




Emily - The Storytelling Project Manager

Emily gets things done. She’s our dream project manager, handling a variety of different brands and making sure they get great content on time, all of the time. With over 8 years of experience with Western culture while based in China, she couldn’t be a better project manager for Duhno! 

Zovi - The Inspiring Artist

Zovi creates fantastic comics that people from all backgrounds fall in love with. So impressive is her power to inspire, she’s even created her own art movement – the Zovism! If that weren’t enough for a single lifetime, she’s also fluent in several languages and has effortlessly absorbed Mandarin culture. Blimey! 

Amber - The Media Whizz

Amber develops incredible marketing strategies, especially on Baidu. She is an expert on Baidu and uses it to increase brand awareness masterfully. But that’s not all! She even knows KOLs and copywriting inside and out. Because of her phenomenal expertise, Amber now runs all accounts for Tuzki and Cartoon Network on a multitude of platforms including Weibo, WeChat, Facebook, and more! Wow