Tuzki Facebook Campaign

The goal: More fans for the Tuzki facebook fan page


Campaign time: 3 weeks

Our strategy:


The first rule of marketing? Know your audience! That’s why the first thing we did was create a campaign test to define Tuzki’s audience. Did it work? You bet it did.

Once we knew our audience was made up of different kinds of people, our master storyteller Fabien crafted a campaign delivering a specific Tuzki post aimed at each sub-group. Criteria that might change the kind of Tuzki post targeted at you included sex, age, interests, and country.

As it ran we kept the campaign optimized to give Tuzki the biggest number of engaged followers possible. Naturally, we wanted to keep costs as low as we could for our client while keeping quality sky-high, so we aimed for the minimum cost per like.



The goal: Grow Tuzki website traffic

Campaign time: 3 days

Our strategy:


Duhno has worked successfully to expand the Tuzki character brand in the face of big challenges. The original fans had aged and we had to reach a younger audience while still keeping the original fanbase. We’d made a great website to help with this. Now it was time to get some traffic!

We like to make use of existing assets and Tuzki already had 150k Facebook followers. So we created a short Facebook Ads campaign targeted at these followers. The objective? Website Clicks. We already had some fantastic groundwork in place from our previous campaign for page likes, so all the signs were good.

The results? A huge success! By bringing people we knew liked Tuzki to the new website, we reconnected them to the brand in a big way.  This firmed up the Tuzki fanbase and got the rejuvenated Tuzki back out there!



Fabien - Extraordinary Storyteller

He’s such a pro with Facebook he literally worked for Facebook! Both in Dublin and Portugal! Phew! But that was back before he was a jet-setting communications and marketing legend in Shanghai. Now he bestrides a dedicated network focused on Duhno’s long term strategy. If it involves communication and marketing, chances are Fabien is already on top of it!