Turnout venture; a company established in Hong Kong contracted our services with the clear mission of promoting Tuzki’s franchise value by targeting different audience demographics by expanding to popular Apps and social media platforms. 

Our action plan

Our team of experts devised an integrated trans-media strategy to Increase the visibility of Tuzki on social media, acquire followers and engage followers by:

  • Reinvigorate Tuzki personality by creating qualitative and engaging content
  • Promoting Franchise actions
  • Partner with popular APPs and KOLs


The scattered social media strategy of the last years and the recent fast increase of fan base create really low rate of interaction and a relatively blurry brand image.

Our goal is to increase the value of the Brand for all Franchises in many areas. Today Tuzki envoles in a highly competitive area, making it more challenging than ever to strive. We went forward, creating an environment where netizens (from 15 to 34 years old) are exposed to TUZKI brand & Franchises through the creation and execution of a regular, consistent social media strategy.

We undertook a clarification process of the brand image for 15 to 25 years old netizens. We devised tactics to maintain and increase Tuzki nostalgia for 26 to 34 years old netizens. We implemented sets of actions to bring regular, predictable and growing interaction with followers. We focused in developing Tuzki‘s personality, for him to stay funny, wacky and optimistic and to become the knowledgeable and trendy friend young adults would cherish by their sides. 


In depth data web social crawling and mining and constant monitoring of alerts and social crisis revealed declining popularity indices. Reports also unveiled the fact that extended audience from 16 to 35 years old netizens are willing today to be exposed to old brands. So far their perception about Tuzki has been blurry. They want to be connected with quality content on social medias and brands talking about new experiences. We identified Tuzki’s primary current audience to particularly target the  “Late Millennials”, slightly scaled to young females. Tuzki brand image analysis further revealed holding highly positive qualities/values that the young aspire to be like and the potential to bring a more relevant Tuzki closer to young segments.

Our master plan composed of trans-media techniques, comprehensive IP analysis and China role out planning helped formulate our recent offline and online actions answering to the emphasized need to increase Tuzki’s contact points to the public, leading to the empowerment the brand again.

Content creation & Dissemination

Our team had fun designing Tuzki illustrations, comics and copywriting to be diffused across different social media platforms namely Wechat, weibo, Facebook, Tencent(QQ) as part of our community management tactic . We also performed specific platform customizations, creating Facebook banners and weibo avatars and , animated Gif Phone background. As part of our new campaign, Tizki engages in reviewing different topics covering: F&B, Travel, entertainment and sports.

Growth, engagement, listening, and improvement are our main focus points while implementing and executing careful community management through SEO, promotional posts, Offline & Merchandising highlight post, User Experience post, website and gaming designs.


Part of our most recent Tuzki innovation:

UGC pictures and videos

Tuzki treasure hunt

Tuzki Go(pokemon Go inspired)


Involved with trendy topics, comic strips are created to personalize Tuzki to build up his personality. He is offbeat, cheeky, witty. Tuzki is devoted to inspiring and optimistic life attitude. He is one of us and speak for us! He can say what you can’t. "BD" inspired, the comics are a short stories to captivate fans.

 An intelligent way to increase brand awareness, interaction and engagement rate leading to repeated visits. Weibo, wechat, facebook, doublan, KOL were the common channels used to disperse comic materials.