Loacker Digital Strategy Planning

Loacker Stories

Over time, the family business founded by Alfons Loacker in 1925 has developed from a small regional confectioner to a globally known brand with products that delight people in more than 100 countries. All Loacker products are made and packaged in the heart of the Dolomites according to the highest quality standards. In addition to the two production sites, Loacker operates seven Loacker Stores, consisting of the Loacker Café and Pastry shop and the Loacker Brandstore. The Heinfels site also boasts Loacker's World of Goodness with an interactive exhibition and a Pastry Workshop.



Our strategy

After more than twenty years in the Chinese market without one, Italian snack company Loacker turned to us for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, which would perfectly position them for success. To get things moving, we began ‘social listening’ for Loacker in September 2017.


Online and offline, we knew that Loacker already had many competitors. To better analyze the competitors, we firstly asked Loacker who they viewed as their competitors. And then Skillful Devi gave a view of competitors to Loacker’s after conducting a full competitor analysis. With only a few months of careful searching, we had determined Loacker’s competitors operating with a similar campaign budget.


Our investigation was thorough. In our quest to identify competitors, we didn’t just analyze those offering the same four products that Loacker wanted to position in China (such as waffles, chocolate bars, chocolate coated goods and biscuits), but we also scoped out rivals in more broader food marketplace.


Armed with this information, we began to segment potential customers by a range of characteristics, such as location, age, and gender. From this, Devi carefully constructed a clear landscape picture to be Loacker’s focus for their digital marketing efforts. With all this groundwork in place, and thanks to Devi’s hard work, we created a full digital eco-system strategy for Loacker. A solid foundation for Loacker’s success in China!


The Results