Graphic Recording

How is Graphic Recording useful to your company?

It is a perfect tool for bridging the world of visual thinking and the business universe, for it helps to illuminate how we as people connect, contribute, learn and make meaning together.


Captivate event attendees


Before the event even starts, Graphic Recording helps you lay the groundwork to generate buzz around your sessions, build anticipation, and kick off dialogue with attendees. You’ll capture your speakers’ stories and conference sessions—and captivate each attendee from the moment they step inside, to well after your event ends. We customize our approach to suit your specific content and communication strategy, so every image is as meaningful as it is visually dynamic.


Graphic Recording to your advantage

Ignite productive meetings


We know the stakes are high. After working hard to get everyone in the room, you only have a short period of time to spark genius in your biggest thinkers, take a fresh approach on a challenge, and make decisions that will impact your organization and your customers. Don’t waste time on distracted participants and indecipherable notes. Duhno's meeting illustrations and graphic recording services will help you see things differently so you can get deeper understanding and make faster decisions.


Telling a visual story


Share your idea with the world as a visual story with duhno.

Our hand-drawn infographics, time – lapse, animated videos, and journey maps will communicate your message and engage your audience.

How? Images speak louder than words. They also help us think – and we’re three times more likely to share them than dry data or hard – to – digest text.

The result? Employees, customers and other stakeholders instantly get where you’re coming from – and are inspired to get behind it. Training materials, educational programs and company initiatives take on meaning through visual facilitation, and your story finds huge momentum.