CorpoRank Comics

Who is corporank?

CorpoRank main mission is to help companies to recognize strengths of companies all over the world and to help them becoming better. CorpoRank provides reports and their updated version during a program of 6 months. CorpoRank's second vocation is to ameliorate the working experience of worldwide employees by ranking companies and keeping track online. The ranking of companies is made ANONYMOUSLY from employees and clients / providers of the company. CorpoRank then provide the ranking locally and worldwide according to some parameters.

Our strategy

CorpoRank performs assessments of company employees and third party organizations. The aim is to help CorpoRanks’ clients across the world to understand their strengths and build on them to realize their true potential. When you consider that happiness at work can result in a decrease in turnover of up to 25%, the power of their services are evident. CorpoRank knew they had to spread this knowledge to help more companies, and that a powerful way of achieving this would be through a sound IP strategy. CorpoRank approached Duhno for our help. We created an informative and engaging set of comics for internal use by CorpoRank clients to help them understand the real world value offered by CorpoRank.

Our results

CorpoRank have found our comics useful and have used them successfully to help their clients understand their tremendous value.