AXA Case Study

Wechat in-app integrated car assistance service

AXA short for AXATP (AXA Tianping Property & Casualty Insurance Company Limited) is renown for being the largest foreign-capital property and casualty insurance company in the Chinese market. AXATP stands as a reference industry leader in the e-insurance field.


We were approached by AXA mid year 2017 who had in mind the project of creating an in built system on wechat for requesting car assistance. In line with the fast pace technological advancements in China, it seemed inevitable for AXA to engage in the trend and take innovation hands on. Wechat is the utmost prominent app used by EVERYONE in China and was logical to implement an intelligent service on wechat. Wechat; which is today clearly more than a mere chatbox but rather a multifunctional app.

What we did

For the system to work Insurance beneficiaries had to first be wechat users. We came forward with a seamless system whereby users had the possibility of creating their own personal profile through wechat or had the option of synchronizing their pre existing wechat info and personal details to their account.  


In occurrence of an incident, users could call for assistance through wechat. For example John Doe is driving from point A to point B. During the journey he has a small car incident and is not able to use his car anymore. He simply turns on wechat fill out a form, inputting his car details, problem faced, phone number. The user is automatically geo-localized by the app.


Once Joe Doe has called for assistance through the wechat, he can witness the real time progress of his particular case, from the minute he reported the issue, the ETA of his car toying to the completion of the job.


In the end our brilliant team of developers and designers crafted a system to facilitate the car incident reporting and toying, fostering a service that is seamless and a routine exercise.